Built like a truck,

Not like a boat.


In addition to receiving 9 Global Media Awards (more than any other product), SmartCap EVO was the 2020 SEMA Award winner for the Best New Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product and was runner-up for the Best New Exterior Accessory Product. 


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Push Button Access

The design of the low profile latching mechanism seamlessly flows into the SmartCap door and can be opened with just the push of a button. Plus, all six locks are keyed alike for maximum security and easy access.



Forged from steel (not fiberglass), it could be said the SmartCap EVO is built like a truck, not a boat. From off-roading to the job site, it’ll withstand the daily abuse you give it, while also being able to hold up to 330 lbs when moving or 770 lbs when parked.


Manufactured out of automotive-grade stainless steel, the EVOc is a brilliantly engineered commercial truck bed cap system. The steel side doors with the optional rear window Security Mesh provide incredible security for your truck bed. Plus, outfit your EVOc with SmartAccessories to build the ultimate commercial truck based on your cargo management needs.


The SmartTray is built to take heavy-duty abuse while still delivering the ultimate in truck bed organization. From the frame up, its design maximizes space with a drawer and bins for containing your stuff. Combined with the SmartCapXL it can also deliver a whopping 74 cubic feet of water-tight, dust-free, fully enclosed storage. Add to that it’s seamless compatibility with SmartAccessories, and you have truck bed nirvana.


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