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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 SmartCap EVO

From $3695
Chevrolet Silverado Smart Cap Edition

Built like a truck. Not like a boat.

Forged from stainless steel (not fiberglass)... it could be correctly said it’s built like a Chevrolet Silverado truck, not a boat. But this bruiser is more than brawn my friend. From the tools of the trade to the utensils on the camp stove, the SmartComponents let you organize your truck bed to fit your life. Plus, you can purchase it online and have it shipped directly to your home, or go to an authorized dealer and let them build it for you.







Rig Configurator


2019-20 (New Body)




Silverado/Sierra 1500


Short: 5' 8"




2019-20 (New Body)




Silverado/Sierra 1500


Standard: 6' 5"



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Forged, not sprayed.

SmartCap is forged from strong automotive-grade stainless steel. The EVO holds up to 330 lbs when moving and a whopping 770 lbs when parked. That’s heavy duty.

The world’s first modular designed truck cap.

Our unique 5-piece modular design means you can purchase your new SmartCap EVO online. SmartCap ships directly to your home and can be easily installed in under an hour.

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Smart Cap smart kitchen 7 roughclip Wings 3 gullwing

Grand opening.

SmartCap’s Gullwing Door openings are approximately 17% larger than most fiberglass caps—making it easier to access your cargo or slide in a SmartComponent.

Create your own workspace – and playspace.

SmartComponents let you organize your truck bed exactly how you want it. Drop in a Full-Bin for your tools on one side and a Camp Kitchen for dinner under the stars on the other.

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A truck cap for all seasons.

Rain, snow, freezing temps – bring it! SmartCap’s 5-piece design includes an innovative sealing method that when properly installed makes the SmartCap completely weatherproof, come hell or high water.

The truck cap that thinks it’s a convertible.

Put it on. Take it off. Put it on. Take it… you get the idea. The SmartCap comes on or off in just 15 minutes—giving you the flexibility to haul taller loads.

Smartcap truck attachment 1
Smart Cap positive pressure vent 4

A breath of fresh air.

The Positive Pressure Air Vent filters fresh air into the cap at a greater velocity than the enclosed bed is capable of sucking air in. This keeps road dust outside, rather than all over your stuff. Whew!

The perfect fit.

Our design team strictly adheres to the manufacturers' approved fitment guidelines – to ensure your SmartCap is perfectly fit to your late model Ford, GM, RAM or Toyota truck. We’re very good at crossing T’s and dotting I's. Which makes us the perfect companion for the back of your truck.

Smart Cap rear door 1 L2
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Color coordinated.

The paint we use on a SmartCap is as brilliant as the cap itself. Our 2K Graco spray painting facility utilizes color data direct from the truck manufacturer—ensuring the cap is as color correct as can be.* That’s a beautiful thing, front and back. Please note, we will unfortunately not be offering our Custom Color Program until the current Covid 19 issues start to allow for consistency in shipping. We expect to begin offering Custom Colors later this year.  

*Allow 90 days for custom color orders.

Mount up.

Sleekly designed into the top of the SmartCap, our integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other SmartComponents for mounting rooftop tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders—you name it. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. SmartCap is universally designed to mount just about anything. Brilliant, top to bottom.

Smart Cap roof rails 1
Smart Cap third brake light 1

Real attention grabber.

The SmartCap incorporates a high mounted third brake light that's a real attention grabber when slamming on the brakes. You never know, there might be a Zebra Crossing ahead.

Three year warranty.

We provide a 3-year comprehensive warranty on all SmartCap parts and workmanship. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Financing Available

6 months same as cash.

(Details at checkout)