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See below for answers to common questions regarding the SmartCap. For complete details on assembly and installation, please download the instructions or watch our Assembly & Installation video.

For roughly the same weight as Fiberglass, stainless offers many advantages. According to online published maximum weight capacities, SmartCap can hold almost 50% more weight than most fiberglass caps, both in motion and when parked. It's more resistant to damage and easier to repair if you do ding it up. Because of its 5-piece modular design, you can replace a panel should you damage one bad enough, letting you avoid costly fiberglass repair bills and lengthy downtimes. Plus, you can purchase it online and have it sent directly to your home. Finally, because it's built from steel, you can structurally engineer larger openings for GullWing doors that allow for easier access to your cargo.

Since we are just getting launched in North America in early 2020, we are developing applications based on the most popular, latest model truck releases. It is likely we will expand our application list in 2021 to include longer beds and some prior model releases. If you sign up for our email list, we will be communicating future product development plans.

SmartCaps, SmartCap Flat Beds, and our SmartComponents are all built out of a combination of 1.0, 1.2 & 1.5 mm automotive grade 409 stainless steel. The Individual panels are welded, then bolted together during final assembly.

All of our products are manufactured in our 88,000 sq. ft. world-class plant in South Africa.

You bet it is! Each of the 5 pieces that make up the SmartCap's modular design are made of automotive grade steel.

We are in development of our Gladiator model and expect it to be available for purchase around June of 2020.

We don't currently have that in our plan, but it is certainly something we can bring up to the team. I would suggest signing up for our email list on, so that you find out about any possible updates.

There wouldn’t be any additional cost for painting the cap based on your color code, but you will need to allow for significant lead-time to receive it. While you can order a SmartCap in matte black and have it shipped to your home within 24 hours, color matching can take up to 90 days from the date of order. It's also important to point out, there is no way to guarantee an exact color match for a number of reasons (differences in paint manufacturer, climate, altitude, air pressure and others).